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Green River Wyoming is located in the south west corner of the state. If you have driven I-80 across the state and passed through twin tunnels, you have passed by a wonderful town! Nestled in between gorgeous rock formations with the Green River running through the heart of the town, it is an oasis in the "High Desert Country."

The River has been the drawing point for early settlers and has served as a transportation hub for the Overland Trail, Cherokee Trail, Lincoln Highway, Union Pacific Transcontinental Railroad, and now Interstate 80. John Wesley Powell was attracted to the towns proximity to the railroad and river and began his two river expeditions from "Expedition Island". The second trip he discovered the Grand Canyon. Thomas Moran, early western artist, painted several renderings of the cliffs just west of town. Tollgate and the Palisades are sometimes misnamed as the "Cliffs along the Colorado."

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Spring Hill Press Map Reprint

We are pleased to announce that the Green River Chamber of Commerce has entered into a partnership with Spring Hill Press to publish the official 2015 Edition of the Cities of Green River and Rock Springs Street Map. For 2015 we will have the Full Color, detailed, accordion style that folds to a 2'x3' that will be distributed in the Chamber office and through out our community. The advertising will be sold to Chamber members only. All display ads will be full color. Spring Hill Press produces all artwork free of charge and you will see a proof before the map will go to print.

For more information, click on the link below. 

Sweetwater County Leadership 2015

Any Community lies in the quality and dedication of its public elected officials and private sector leaders. In order to lead any community forward, leaders must be willing to critically look at the past, study the present, and plan for the future. Such a course of action takes a strong commitment to analyze the community's strengths and weaknesses and to educate and encourage new leaders to step forward to work toward that future.

The Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce and the Green River Chamber of Commerce joined together to provide the educational opportunities to develop and enhance leadership skills among the residents of Sweetwater County, along with WWCC. The resulting Sweetwater Leadership Institute is currently offering its sixteenth program in 2015. The three organizations are dedicated to providing the training and background of Sweetwater County issues and concerns in order to encourage knowledgeable citizens to step forward and assume the challenges of leadership within the county.  

The Sweetwater County Leadership classes will begin in January. Each month, for xi mon ths, the class spends a day exploring a topic. Cost of the class is $250 and will also cary Continuing Education college credits. The class may also be necessary if you have a desire to take the Leadership Wyoming Class. Class size is limited to 15 participatns so please call and put your name on the list if you would like to be a part of the 2015 class.

If you are interested in applying to be a part of the 2015 Sweetwater County Leadership Institute, please fill out the form below and send it back to the Green River Chamber or Rock Springs Chamber as soon as possible. Space is limited.   

Green River Chamber Mission Statement and Membership Application

The Green River Chamber of Commerce is committed to enhancing the community through advocacy and partnerhsips between businesses and community leaders.

Your Chamber is:
-Creating a strong local economy
-Promoting the community
-Providing networking opportunities
-Representing the interests of business to government
-Strengthening member relations   

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Business After Hours

Is your business interested in hosting a Business After Hours with the Green River Chamber of Commerce? If so, download the form below to get more information about Business After Hours and we will be able to arrange a date! 

New Members and Ribbon Cuttings

For new members or new businesses who are interested in Ribbon Cuttings, download the form below for more information on how the Chamber can help promote your new business! 

International Travel

If you are wondering where the Chamber is headed in 2015, you do not have to wonder anymore!

The 2015 journey will take the Chamber to Ireland for 9 days on March 23, 2015. For more information contact the Green River Chamber of Commerce at (307) 875-5711 or click on the link below.


Green River was one of the few towns along the Union Pacific that existed before the railroad arrived. The Green River, which flows nearby, served as a waterway for the "tie hacks" that cut timber in the mountains, floated the logs down, then shaped them into rail ties at the town of Green River. When the railroad finally arrived, there was a city of 2,000 and an Overland Stage crossing a couple of miles downstream. 

Trona is the natural ore from which the basic industrial chemical, soda ash, comes. Soda ash is used in the production of glass products, detergents and baking soda. The soda plants now operate to produce two-thirds of the world's supply of soda ash.

As one travels east along Interstate 80, the wide open spaces of southwestern Wyoming are suddenly interrupted by a series of multi-colored buttes, carved over time by the Green River. The varied sizes, shapes, and shades of the eroding strata provide a majestic setting for the town.

Incorporated in 1868, in what was then Dakota Territory and named for the swift flowing greenish river that course through town, the city has a long and varied history. Native Americans, indigenous animals (antelope, buffalo, deer, etc.), mountain men, pioneers, ranchers, railroad people, and miners have all left their footprints and their legacies in Green River. It was from Green River that John Wesley Powell started his famous explorations of the Green River, Colorado River, and Grand Canyon in the late 1800’s.

The place he started from is now a great public park, with a walking path, splash park and historical interpretive signage. Today, Green River’s population is approximately 12,000. The railroad is still a major presence. Mining, particularly of Trona, is the major industry in the area. The town is the west entrance to the popular Pilot Butte Wild Horse Loop Tour. Even with the Interstate, the railroad, and other trappings of modern society, the city continues to sit at the crossroads of the west—a timeless, peaceful place.

The site where the Sweetwater County Library now stands was once a city cemetery. In 1926, the bodies and grave markers were moved to make way for a park. The library was built in 1978; since 1985, many unexplained occurrences have been reported. A "ghost log" has since been established to record the library's mysterious phenomena, from whispered names, doors opening and closing and office machines turning on and off to the sounds of crumpling paper and rattling keys in empty rooms.