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Jeska Lyons and Linda Scott of the County Courthouse Clerk’s Office are the Red Carpet Award Winners for July and were nominated by Angela Shutran.

Angela had this to say about Jeska and Linda, “Linda and Jeska were very helpful in helping out a client with an auto loan with US. The client’s title work was misdirected and the Courthouse did not have the client’s plates for the client to obtain and we had to hurry and correct this error on a busy Friday at the end of the month in order for the client to drive their vehicle the next day for a long awaited vacation. As we stood in line we waited a while and came across a few different obstacles. Linda was very patient and told my banker and the client to take their time and that she would call whomever they needed to call to get the paperwork. Jeska stepped in noticing the difficulties and offered her help as well. Both of these ladies were patient and incredibly helpful to not only my loan officer but to the client. With their assistance we were able to obtain the bill of sales from the dealership and file our lien on the vehicle so the client was able to obtain their license plates and drive their car on the long awaited vacation. After being in lending for 20 years now, I understand that things can go wrong every now and then. It was really great to have two dedicated individuals willing to step up on a busy Friday and help us out rather than send us on our way. It also helped my new loan officer to handle the situation while I was unavailable.”

Jeska and Linda each received a $10.00 Gift certificate, a Red Carpet Pin, as well as other advertising. They will be entered in the Red Carpet Person of the Year Award contest for 2014 to be presented in 2015.

Pictured: Jeska Lyons, Chamber Secretary Angela Shutran, and Linda Scott presented with their Gift Certificates and Red Carpet Pins.