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The Green River Chamber and Visitor Center
Welcomes You!

Our Members

Green River Chamber Mission Statement

“The Green River Chamber of Commerce and Visitor
Center is dedicated to fostering community-wide
partnerships through collaboration with local and state
resources. We value our members and promote our
community to bring consumers and businesses together”

Your Chamber is:
-Creating a Strong Local Economy
-Promoting the Community
-Providing Networking Opportunities
-Representing the Interests of Business to Government
-Strengthening Member Relations


Green River Wyoming is located in the south west corner of the state. If you have driven I-80 across the state and passed through twin tunnels, you have passed by a wonderful town! Nestled in between gorgeous rock formations with the Green River running through the heart of the town, it is an oasis in the "High Desert Country."

The River has been the drawing point for early settlers and has served as a transportation hub for the Overland Trail, Cherokee Trail, Lincoln Highway, Union Pacific Transcontinental Railroad, and now Interstate 80. John Wesley Powell was attracted to the towns proximity to the railroad and river and began his two river expeditions from "Expedition Island". The second trip he discovered the Grand Canyon. Thomas Moran, early western artist, painted several renderings of the cliffs just west of town. Tollgate and the Palisades are sometimes misnamed as the "Cliffs along the Colorado."

Browse the website and discover all the great things to see and do in our wonderful community or drop us an e-mail or call, we will be happy to send you more information.

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