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Wilkins Peak Bike Trail System


Explore the Map of trails for beginners to advanced.

You can print this map off to take to the trails with you!
See you on the trails!


Beginner Trails

Only starting on mountain biking? Wilkins Peak Bike Trail System has trails just for you!

Explore the trail descriptions and find the perfect starting trail for you!


Intermediate Trails

Discover our Intermediate biking trails.

View each trail description here!


Expert Trails

Discover our Expert biking trails! With three different expert level trails, you can find the perfect one for your biking adventure!

View each trail description here!


Trails Day

Discover SMBA's Trails Day! Each year SMBA does a full day of mountain biking with the community.

Click here to find out when this amazing event is happening!



Discover what past riders have to say about the trails, events, and what this trail meant to them!

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