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River Festival


Green River wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for our River. In the late 1860's the Union Pacific Railroad choose the make their headquarters in a town west of Green River, making Green River a desolate town.

When the Blacks Fork River dried up in the year of 1869, Union Pacific Railroad quickly moved their headquarters into Green River, as our river was flowing full of water. Were the railroad went the people followed, and the rest is history.

Join the Green River Chamber in the celebration of our amazing river! Always the three weekend in August, we host the River Festival, a fun packed two day event! This event has something fun for everyone!

The River Festival starts off at 4PM on the third Friday of August, where we have music, beer, vendors, our shrimp boil, food trucks, and once it gets dark, FIREWORKS!

Did someone say shrimp? Yes, I did! Our Cajun shrimp boil is a fan favorite! You will have the option to purchase a 5:00 dinner ticket or a 6:00pm dinner ticket. Prices are $20 for “Canoe” (approx. ½ lb of shrimp) plus potatoes, corn, sausage and soda or water, $30.00 for “Boat” (approx. 1 lb of shrimp) plus potatoes, corn, sausage and soda or water. $55 for  2 “Boat” our Date Night special. We can also do TO-GO boxes, for those of you who would like to eat at home. We will also be selling tickets for a spaghetti dinner served by Knights of Columbus as a fundraiser. Tickets can be purchased at the Green River Chamber of Commerce!

The fun really begins on Saturday morning with our Run with the Horses Marathon/Half/10K at 7AM, this awesome city and trail marathon is a lifetime experience as runners, pass by wild horses that are curious as to what they are doing on the trail. Many runners get beautiful photos with wild horses up close! With a 7 hour time limit, this fun race will end just in time for you to have a nice cold beer and enjoy our DJ!

If your luck is running super high that day you will come back to Expedition Island and hear the news that your duck won the Great Duck Race! This amazing Duck Race happens at NOON on Saturday, the best part you ask, step a bit closer... YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO WIN!

The River Festival Car & Bike Show is a beautiful display of vintage, old, and new cars and bikes! You can purchase an entrance ticket at the event! If you would like to show your car off, please contact the Green River Chamber at 307-875-5711.

Cast your votes for your favorite fish, during the Flaunt your Fish competition! Local people and businesses compete for the best decorated fish in town!

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